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1-5 Wilkinson St
Brunswick 3056
Victoria, Australia

Thursday-Sunday 12-6pm

TCB acknowledges the people of the Kulin Nations as the traditional custodians of the land, recognising their connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to their Elders; past, present and future.

©2023 TCB Art Inc.



TCB Art Inc. is an artist-run gallery in Melbourne, Australia, dedicated to providing a space where young, emerging and established artists alike have the artistic freedom to explore, experiment and take risks within their practices.

The gallery was established in 1998 by artists Blair Trethowan, Sharon Goodwin and Thomas Deverall, who identified a vital need for a non-commercial, non-for-profit space in Melbourne’s CBD, which exposed the work of young and emerging artists to a wide auidience. What has developed over twenty-four years of operation is a lo-fi, high-energy project which remains entirely volunteer-run. So far, TCB has been a platform and support to over seven hundred artists — from Australia, the Asia-Pacific region, and internationally — many of whom presented their first solo exhibtions at the gallery.

In 2001 TCB moved from its orginal home in the Port Phillip Arcade to Waratah Place in Chinatown. This space was shared with Uplands Gallery, a comercial space, an arrangement which saw the development of a unique relatioship between the two modes of operation. During this time, TCB further consolidated its postion within the community and gained invaluable experience in running the gallery.

In 2006, Upland Gallery relocated to Prahran, allowing TCB the opportunity to occupy the entire Waratah Place site. This dramatic increase in floorspace provided much more flexibility for artists in terms of experimenting with scae, as well as creating the means for the gallery to present two exhibition concurrently. In the mid-2010s, the gallery initiated a program of volunteer exhibtion sitters.

2018 saw the gallery rent-hike outfrom Melbourne’s CBD and movenorth, finding a new home in Wilkinson Street, Brunswick. After over a year of searching for a suitable, wheelchair-accessible building, TCB was able to secure a site with two exhibition spaces and eight independently operating studios. Despite several location shifts and a continually eveolving collective of comitee members and volunteer sitters, TCB has remained dedicated to providing a platform and support for emerging artists and curators, whilst continuing to run independently.

The gallery maintains environmentally sustainable practices throughout its operations and exists in part through the continuing support of its past memebers and supporters, who it would like to acknowledge and deeply thank.

TCB Art Inc. acknowledges the people of the Kulin Nations as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which ths gallery sits and operates, we recognise their enduring connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to their Elders; past, present and emerging. We also acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

TCB is run by a collective of volunteers who are all practicing artists, curators, writers and arts administrators.

Current TCB Board Members are:

Camille Thomas, Ronen Jafari, Juliette Berkeley, Madeleine Minack, Luyuan Zhang, Raisa McLean, Sunny Tinkler, Nina Rose Prendergast, Elsie Preston, and Kaijern Koo.

Past Members:

Blair Trethowan, Sharon Goodwin, Thomas Deverall, Amanda Marburg, James Lynch, Karyn Lindner, Jarrod Kennedy, Fergus Binns, Kain Picken, Meg Hale, Warwick Edwards, Emma Dodd, Rob McHaffie, Pat Foster, Olivia Barrett, Rob McLeish, Amita Kirpalani, Kate Smith, Liang Luscombe, Simon McGlinn, Matthew Greaves, Lisa Radford, Patrice Sharkey, Noriko Nakamura, Anna Higgins, Debris Facility, George Criddle, Lucina Lane, Ry Haskings, Christo Crocker, Lucreccia Quintanilla, Charles O’Loughlin, Casey Jeffrey, Tamsen Hopkinson, James Cooper, Amy May Stuart, Kalinda Vary, Jen Mathews, Briony Galligan, Erin Crouch, Moorina Bonini, Oliviah Koh, Brooke Babington, Kate Meakin, Spencer Lai, Skye Baker, Tyson Campbell, Brighid Fitzgerald, Jordan Halsall, Lei Lei Kung, Bas van de Kraats, David Borg,Michael Sandford, Joon Youn, Brigit Ryan, Gabriella D’Costa, Chris Madden, Bronte Stolz, Jasper Jordan-Lang, Isabella Hone-Saunders, Alex Hobba, and Ruth Cummins.


Luka, Zoe Petch, Dom Viggiani, Ponie Curtis, Hattie Pervan, Yasmin Hopkins, Stacey Collee, Olivia Guardiani, Alexandra Gowing, Peta Treble, Sophie Tanner, Clem Lazzaro, Bonnie Thorn, Harriet Blomfield, Felix Gulbin Fisher, Yola Scholz, Hunter Smith, Alexandra Raftopoulos, Sophie Spence, Alula McGlashan, and Jezebel Erin

Past Volunteers:

Amy Jane Parker, Lalita Sherwell, Emily Rose, Josephine Franklyn, Lila O’Rourke, Ed Dean, Erin Crouch, Nick Ryrie, Emily Rose, Michael Famularo, Charlotte Taylor, Jennifer Mathews, Jemi Gale, Casey Jeffrey, Clare Longley, Brighid Fitzgerald, Marcus Carne, Sam Eisen, Matt Trobbiani, Anna Cunningham, Yusi Zang, Nicholas Mullaly, Jasper Jordan Lang, Natasha Manners, Anna Fiedler, Raisa Mclean, and Ella Howells.


The Foreigner Brewery Co, Sophie Brown, Julia Cox, Katherine Englund, Jan Bryant, Kim Brockett, Ed Service, Taree McKenzie, Bill Vary, John Maloney, Spiros Panigirakis, Woody, Daniel Argyle, Lisa Radford, Karyn Lindner, Jacinta Lewin, Brenda Walsh, Sam Eisen, Hells Kitchen, Fiona Morgan (website), Kate Meakin (past photographer), Emily Taylor (past photographer), Catherine Evans (past photographer), Matthew Davis (Archiving)