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1-5 Wilkinson St
Brunswick 3056
Victoria, Australia

Thursday-Sunday 12-6pm

TCB acknowledges the people of the Kulin Nations as the traditional custodians of the land, recognising their connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to their Elders; past, present and future.

©2023 TCB Art Inc.


08 Mar 2017—11 Mar 2017

– LOOSEN is a week-long program dedicated to development and presentation of performance based practices in Melbourne.

TCB gallery will host an experimental day program and a curated night program:

scroll down for compressed and expanded program information & event times
GALLERY is open 12-6 (usual hours)

LOOSEN program compressed:

12-1 Jacqui SheltonSpeakers’ Dilemma (RSVP)
12-3 Tim Woodward – A three year old story…
3-6 Megan Payne & Ellen Davies – Power Studies
with Alex Cuffe, Melissa Deerson, Clementine Edwards + Nunzio Madden 

12-1 Jacqui SheltonSpeakers’ Dilemma (RSVP)
12-3 Kiera Brew KurecThe Body as A Vessel
3-6 Campbell Rothnie
7-9pm presented by VINEGAR PRESS /
with Autumn Royal, Kaho Hashimoto + a screening of “Wutharr: Saltwater Dreams” from Karrabing Film Collective.

12-1 Jacqui SheltonSpeakers’ Dilemma  (RSVP)
12-3 Ella SowinskaFlashmob Flashmob
3-6 Mira Oosterweghel You’ve got the power or you fake it till you make it

12-1 Jacqui SheltonSpeakers’ Dilemma  (RSVP)
12-3 Jess Gall – (Jazz) Routine
3-6 Helen GroganAS IT COLLAPSES
7-9pm THE BAND PRESENTS – HEY! HEY! it’s Saturday Night Live: the Elvis/alive comeback special, with Suspicious Minds, with Sam George, Eric Demetriou, Camila Galaz, Travis John, Makiko Yamimoto, Kalinda Vary (+ MANY more)

This program will include a video Ground Work by Erin Couch in the stairway of TCB.


LOOSEN program expanded

Erin Couch – Ground Work

It starts with a fall. A moment aside the performance. On the stairs, or with an ear to the ground, here we try to decipher silent acts of bravado.

Erin Crouch (born Geelong, 1984) lives and works in Melbourne. She is currently undertaking an MFA through Monash University, making a film about her extended family and researching the maternal dialogues in the films of Chantal Akerman. In 2016 she exhibited a video work here in the toilet at tcb titled Under the Jumpers.

Work on display from Wednesday – Saturday in the Stairwell of TCB.

Jacqui Shelton – Speakers’ Dilemma

Speakers’ Dilemma is a short, narrated walk which begins at and circles back to TCB. This work considers scripted behaviour, speaking for others, recitation and mangled histories, and has a number of potential outcomes and revelations dependant on a viewers experience. If you are interested in participating, please book below through Eventbrite. The walks will happen between 12-1, Wednesday – Saturday of the program, link below. There are very limited places! (RSVP)

This work uses the city and its gridded structure imposed on stolen Wurrundjeri land.

Jacqui Shelton is a video and performance artist based in Melbourne whose practice considers the politics and potential of voicing as a reciprocal event.


Tim Woodward – A three year old story about a stolen bicycle that I still feel slightly responsible for (2017)?

A conversation following a story about Emma Sumner’s stolen bicycle, which was taken from outside TCB during a visit to the exhibition House Lights in May, 2014.

Tim Woodward lives and works in Melbourne. He digs holes, knocks on doors, sets up pins, asks big favours, shoots the breeze. Embracing an unfettered approach to collaboration and exchange, he works with words, images and objects.

Megan Payne & Ellen Davies – Power Studies

We are here to make strength in tenderness. We are here to feel power in fluidity. We are here to practice imagination, emotion, and sensation, in the name of spectacle. We are here to connect through participation.


Alex Cuffe – Hearing Self

Alex Cuffe will be drawing from a series of essays they’ve written over the past two years around disengaging from their arts practice. Hearing Self is a performative response to this series which addresses one of the first engagements of the body and its gender: the voice.  What is the role of the written word in parallel to the performative voice in context to trans identity? What does it mean to be a transitioning artist? What is the sound of gender? What are the politics of voice?


Melissa Deerson – Mike the cat

A lecture on Mike the cat, who guarded the front gate of the British Museum for 20 years with images and sound.

Clementine Edwards – Freeze

For Loosen, Clementine Edwards will present a poem about sleep, trauma, astrology and friendship. The work feeds – sometimes violently, sometimes tenderly – off of those around her. She lives in Rotterdam.

Nunzio Madden – Ouch My Dick Hurts: Phantom Pain and Transubstantiation


Kiera Brew Kurec – The Body as A Vessel, The Vessel as a Body

Kiera Brew Kurec completed her Master of Fine Art in 2014 at Victorian College of the Arts, her practice led research explored Performance, Ritual and Transformation, locating the history of contemporary performance practice in ancient ritual and shamanism.
Brew Kurec utilises live endurance performance, performance for video, photography and installation to explore physical and mental boundaries and the resulting space between.

Using objects, pranayama and choreographed movements The Body as a Vessels, the Vessel as a Body  will navigate notions of the body and its ability to contain.

Campbell Rothnie

Campbell is an artist working from Narrm, Melbourne. He’s currently writing a really long book.


Autumn Royal

Autumn Royal is a poet and researcher living in Melbourne on Kulin Nations land. Her current research examines feminist elegiac expression in Australian women’s poetry. She is interviews editor for Cordite Poetry Review and author of the poetry collection She Woke & Rose.

Kaho Hashimoto

Kaho Hashimoto is an artist and writer living in Melbourne. She reflects on the complex ways in which intimacy is staged and dislocated within language. In 2016 she presented a collaborative text with feminist collective Brainlina as part of Next Wave Festival.

Karrabing Film Collective – Wutharr: Saltwater Dreams

Awarded the 2015 Visible Award, Salt(water) is based on real events. In 2009 some Karrabing boated to their remote country in the north of Australia. Half got off at one beach, the other half continuing down the coast. When the first group returned to the beach, the boat was nowhere in sight. Just before a swarm of mosquitoes—bred in inland swamps—overtook them, the boat materialised. It had been stranded down the coast, the motor refusing to start. Corroded wiring; angry ancestors; racialised capital; or Jesus: Characters get on a boat in a backyard and step out onto a beach. They walk into a remote house and step out into a city church plaza.

The Karrabing Film Collective is a grassroots Indigenous based media group. Filmmaking provides a means of self-organization and social analysis for the Karrabing. Screenings and publications allow the Karrabing to develop a local artistic languages and forms and allow audiences to understand new forms of collective Indigenous agency. Their medium is a form of survivance—a refusal to relinquish their country and a means of investigating contemporary social conditions of inequality. The films represent their lives, create bonds with their land, and intervene in global images of Indigeneity.

Vinegar Press

Vinegar is an online publication for contemporary poetry by emerging visual artists and art writers run by Sheena Colquhoun and Georgia Robenstone. Sometimes acerbic, sometimes sweet, and the product of a long process of fermentation, Vinegar is a home to new poetic forms and concepts.


Ella Sowinska – Flashmob Flashmob

When the Chinese Olympic diver Qin Kai proposed to fellow diver He Zi shortly after He’s silver medal ceremony during last year’s Olympic games in Rio, opinions were greatly divided on the gesture. Some believed that this was the romantic gesture of a lifetime, but others believe that the gesture was a form of male control and entitlement that placed unnecessary pressure on He, as she was forced to make this very private decision in front of the whole world.

Ella Sowinska’s performance will explore the phenomenon of public proposals and question their necessity by screening un-manipulated footage of Youtube’s most inspiring, emotional, entertaining, spectacular, courageous and moving flashmob proposals.

Mira Oosterweghel – You’ve got the power or you fake it till you make it (2017)

Mira Oosterweghel is an artist living and working in Melbourne, graduating from MADA with a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours), Mira has exhibited widely across galleries and festivals in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Christchurch. Her object and performance works are grounded in an exploration of the body and its relation to site, structure and systems.


Jess Gall – (Jazz) Routine

A series of actions dispersed unevenly, to perform a photographic event.

Begging with a red horizon line at (my) eye height.

Continuing an image of a performance that never really happened.

Helen Grogan – AS IT COLLAPSES

Informed by studies in philosophy and choreography, Helen Grogan’s practice uses sculptural, photographic, and filmic means to approach space as material(s). Her works directly engage exhibition sites as situations to be expanded and opened in material, ontological, and political ways. For AS IT COLLAPSES, Grogan draws on score-based performative structures and thought actions from her ongoing “accumulative catalogue of studio activities 2001-2017″

Concept, choreography and installation by Helen Grogan. Enacted by Jess Gall, Helen Grogan and others.


The Elvis Comeback Show, HEY! Hey it’s Saturday Night LIVE; with Suspicious Minds //
with Sam George, Eric Demetriou, Camila Galaz, Travis John, Makiko Yamimoto, Kalinda Vary, MC? Joel Stern, Magic Steven, Nunzio Madden, Pool Spy presents Kalamansi feat. Web Wipe presents Kalamari, The Silent Room, “Camille and The Conch, supported by Andrew and Jeremy”, David Christie, Nick Modrzewski, Rebekah Luisse and The Trash Bag.

The band presents band members: Sam George, Camila Galaz, Makiko Yamamato, Eric Demetriou, Travis John and Kalinda Vary, with many special guests on the night.

Follow the band presents on instagram: @thebandpresents

These events will take place on the lands of the people of the Kulin nations. We pay respect to elders past, present and future.

Image: Mira Oosterweghel, ‘Pitch Forward’, 2016